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GPHG 2020 Nominated Timepiece (Official Video)


Watch Making

Our watchmakers are highly skilled and each of the pieces we produce are carefully checked for ensuring high quality from the parts production to polish, to fine tuning. From which each of the parts produced are individually checked by watchmakers for Q.C.



While all our watchmakers are highly trained, all our watches assembling processes undergo a series of high factory standards to assure each watches are produced up to international standards.


One of our specialties is to design and develop our own functional mechanical module in-house. From which we have been making use of sapphire crystal materials to produce mechanical parts for gearing, etc. and we focus on developing satellite time display functions.

Water Proofing

All our watches are water-proof to a standard and checked carefully by high standard machineries for assuring customers can enjoy their watches in all kinds of weather conditions.

Modern & Traditional

BEHRENS is a mix of modern and traditional watch manufacturer who while using modern machineries such as CNC machines for manufacture of parts, we also use a lot of traditional ways to manufacture and assemble our modules to ensure for accuracy.


While each of our watch has been gone through a series of quality control test before coming from the production. To ensure that customer will be confident with our after sales, we offer a 3-years warranty service from the date of your purchase. (terms and condition apply)


Most of opur watches are featured with super-luminova luminous.